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Free Oral Health Screening Free Oral Health Screening The Washington Township Health Department is pleased, this year, to be able to offer free Oral Health Screenings to the residents of Washington and Chester Townships.  The screening will take place on Friday, October 23, 2015 between 1:30 and 3:30pm at the Washington Township Municipal building...
Annual Flu Shots Clinic Annual Flu Shots Clinic The annual Washington Township Flu Clinic will be held on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 between 4:30pm and 7:00pm at the Municipal Building, 43 Schooley's Mountain Rd. in Long Valley.  This year, the Quadrivalent vaccine, which protects against 4 drifferent strains of flu, will be avail...
Be Ready for Emergencies Be Ready for Emergencies The Red Cross will be presenting the fundamentals of emergency preparedness and safety on Wednesday, October 7th from 7pm to 8pm at the Washington Township Public Library on 37 East Springtown Road.   Admission is free, and the topics covered are appropriate for older children to help i...
Alarm Registration All Home/Business owners that have an alarm system installed must be properly permitted as per Local Ordinance 39-2.  The ordinance sets initial permits as $50.00 per year and renewal permits to $25.00 per year.  All required fees are due by January 4, 2016.  The required ala...
National Preparedness Month (Tip #3) National Preparedness Month (Tip #3) Tip #3:  Stay Informed GET INFO During a disaster, it's important to understand the different ways through which you can obtain information. Make sure you and each member of your family is familiar with the following ways to receive information:       The Washington Townsh...
Clean Communities Week, October 2015 Clean Communities Week, October 2015 Clean Communities   Get involved and help clean up Washington Township, Morris County.   Groups and Individuals are needed to help pick up litter from the streets and parks in Washington Township.   For more information or to register please call Robbin at 908-876-3382...
Paper Shredding - October 10, 2015 Paper Shredding - October 10, 2015 There will be a Paper Shredding Event Saturday, October 10, 2015 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the DPW Garage 54 Rock Road. No charge for the first 3 boxes, $10 charge for every box after up to 6 total.  Each box must have a sticker. Paper to be shredded should be contained in bankers size ...
National Preparedness Month (Tip #2) National Preparedness Month (Tip #2)      Tip #2:  Make a Plan   Planning ahead will help you have the best possible response to disaster.   Talk.  Discuss with your family the disasters that can happen where you live. Establish responsibilities for each member of your household and plan to work...
National Preparedness Month (Tip #1) National Preparedness Month (Tip #1) September is National Preparedness Month, and we will be sharing a series of resources and tips that will help you and your family be better prepared in the eventuality of a local disaster. Tip #1:  Preparing a Survival Kit Being prepared means being equipped with the proper supplies you ma...
Is your property in the Ridgeline, Mountainside, Hillside & Viewshed Protection Area?

File:Schooleys1.jpgRidgeline, mountainside, hillside and viewshed protection areas are designed to respond to the objective of preserving the existing predominantly unspoiled vistas of wooded mountainsides, hillsides, ridgelines and viewsheds within the Township of Washington when viewed from public areas or public open space or the public traveled way.

Read more: Ridgeline Protection

PotholeService requests for 200' Lists, property record cards, additions to the website calendar, reporting dumping, potholes, power outages, tall grass, zoning violation and unlicensed animals can now be made online. The link to the request form is available at the top of every page on the Washington Township website.

A Municipal Service Request is a form-based web request for service that is automatically sent to the appropriate department after it is submitted. A Service Request may include quality of life issues including loss of power, the discovery of a pothole, or suspected code violations.

The Municipal Service Request is NOT a search engine for information on the site nor for emergencies that require an immediate response. Please call 9-1-1 for emergencies. For inquiries that are not service requests please use the contact us button at the top of any page or visit the department pages on


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WashingtonTwp Flu Shot Clinic Oct 14. For more info call 908-876-3650 or visit
WashingtonTwp The Morris County Clerk is asking businesses to help thank veterans by participating in Operation Giveback
WashingtonTwp Naughright Road has been reopened
WashingtonTwp Naughright is currently closed in both directions between Jackie and Janet Drives due to a MV accident.
WashingtonTwp All fields are closed today. Please use best judgement if using fields over the weekend.
WashingtonTwp Be sure to check out the emergency preparedness tips on the WT web site:


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