Bed & Breakfast Ordinance

Bed & Breakfast Inn

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 § 217-75Bed-and-breakfast inn. 

[Added 11-18-1991 by Ord. No. 30-91]
A bed-and-breakfast inn is permitted as a conditional use in the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone in accordance with the following standards and criteria:
A. The principal use of the premises shall be a single-family residence. A bed-and-breakfast inn shall be operated only by the residents of the premises who have their principal domicile at the premises and shall be considered to be an accessory or subordinate use to the single-family residence.
B. No bed-and-breakfast inn shall be operated on a lot which fails to meet the minimum lot size for the zoning district in which it is located.
C. Minimum number of off-street parking spaces: two off-street parking spaces for the principal domiciled resident household of the dwelling, plus one additional space for each room approved for use for guests.
D. Off-street parking spaces for a bed-and-breakfast inn shall be permitted only in the side or rear areas of the property. No parking is allowed in the front yard area.
E. Off-street parking may be provided on a proximate property within 200 feet of the bed-and-breakfast inn property, provided that there is conformance with all requirements herein.
F. Proposed off-street parking shall be properly buffered and landscaped according to Chapter 159, Site Plan Review, § 159-31, and any requirements of the Planning Board.
G. There shall be no visible indication of the bed-and-breakfast inn use from the road or adjacent properties with the exception of one two-sided four-square-foot sign.
H. Each application shall be accompanied by a certification from the Board of Health that the current septic system and water supply are adequate for the proposed use as a bed-and-breakfast inn, and a certification from the Construction Official that the building is in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 56, Building Construction, all other applicable Township ordinances, the Uniform Fire Safety Act[1] and the Uniform Construction Code Act[2] and such other state statutes and regulations as may be applicable.
[1]Editor's Note: See N.J.S.A. 52:27D-192 et seq.
[2]Editor's Note: See N.J.S.A. 52:27D-119 et seq.
I. No more than five rooms shall be used as guest rooms for bed-and-breakfast transients, nor shall more than 12 persons be registered as guests of the bed-and-breakfast inn at any one time. Guest occupancy shall be limited to 21 consecutive days or not more than 21 days in any period of 24 consecutive days.
J. Bed-and-breakfast inns shall provide breakfast for registered guests in the forenoon of each day, and no alcoholic beverages may be sold and no other meals may be served or sold to registered guests. No food or beverages of any kind shall be served or sold to the general public on the premises.
K. No cooking facility shall be allowed in any guest room.
L. No smoking shall be allowed in any guest room.
M. Bed-and-breakfast inns shall be registered with the Bureau of Housing Inspection in the Division of Housing and Development in the Department of Community Affairs.
N. All applicants shall be required to obtain a food handler's license.
O. No premises shall commence to be used as a bed-and-breakfast inn until after the issuance of a conditional use permit by the Planning Board and review by the Historic Preservation Commission, who shall make a recommendation to the Planning Board that the proposed use furthers the goals and objectives of the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone.
P. There shall be a finding by the Planning Board that the bed-and-breakfast inn use furthers the goals and objectives of the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone and is generally compatible with surrounding uses.