Tax Assessor

Tax Assessor's Office

The Tax Assessor's Office is responsible for the valuation of all real property located within the Township for the purpose of establishing a fair and equitable tax base. Additional responsibilities include: Processing all deeds 200' certified property owner lists Maintenance and updating of tax maps including assignment of block and lot numbers, subdivisions, and merged lots Inspection of all new construction and renovations Farmland assessment applications

Property Assessment Records

Assessment postcards are mailed to property owners by January 31.  These are not a record of taxes paid, but are a notice of assessment value for the current year.  Please notify this office when you change your address.  For additional information regarding assessment, please visit the Morris County Board of Taxation website or the NJ Association of County Tax Boards website.

Application Forms

Senior Citizen, Disabled Person Dedution Applications - Forms PTD and PTD-SI are available in this office or (#3).  All applications must include a copy of your current NJ Driver's license.  

Veteran Deduction Application - Form VSS or Disabled Veteran deduction applications - Form DVSSE are available in the office or on the Local Property Tax Forms website.  Veterans must include their DD214, honorable discharge/certificate of release and current NJ Drivers license.  Veterans who served during peacekeeping missions/operations must also include Form Supp DVSSE/VSS.

Farmland Assessment Applications, Form FA-1 and FA-1 GS,   Farms in woodland management will also need Form WD-1.  If you are currently in farmland assessment, your application will be sent to you by this office in June.  The application deadline is August 1.  Additional information on farmland is available at The Farmland Assessment Overview .

Tax Appeal Applications/Instructions, Form A-1, may be obtained by calling the Morris County Board of Taxation or on the Local Property Tax Forms website.  The deadline is April 1.

Property Alert Service

This service is provided by the Morris County Clerk's Office.  The service is the first step in protecting your property.  Unfortunately, property and mortgage fraud is a fast growing crime in our country.  Scammers record fraudulent documents - like fake deeds - or record fake liens against property owners.  In some cases, fraud on real property is not disovered for years.  To address these concerns, and protect one of your most important assets, the Morris County Clerk's Office offers this FREE service to notify you immediately via email whenever a document with your name is recorded in the Morris County Clerk's Office.  Sign up today and protect your property from fraud.  It's quick, easy, and free.  To register visit the Morris County Clerk's website. 

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