Trails of Washington Township, by Trails Committee Chair Ken Zarouni

Schooley's Mountain Park Trails

Due to recent land acquisition by the Morris County Park Commission and the Green Acres Program, hiking opportunities in Washington Township have been expanded as shown in the map below.

Schooley's Mountain Park consists of land previously acquired by the Morris County Park Commission, which now includes a designated trail as part of Patriot's Path, which traverses through northwestern New Jersey. This trail begins on Route 24 near Washington Valley Road and meanders through the Ort Farm, where it eventually crosses the South Branch of the Raritan River and on to Fairview Avenue.

At this point, it branches to the left and proceeds up the mountain to the lookout, where it connects with the Schooley's Mountain Park Trail System. Parking, is available where the trail crosses Fairview Avenue. The hike to the lookout is through the woods and is fairly strenuous.

As it leaves the Park, this trail passes over East Springtown Road, where it proceeds through the woods and some occasional wet spots before entering Rock Road. To keep on course, it is important to observe all trail blazes .


Grand Loop Trail

From the picnic tables, the trail goes northeast, then southeast, then west, and finally northwest that leads back to the parking lot and hence to the picnic tables.

Upland Meadow Trail:

Goes from the picnic tables to hook up with the Grand Loop Trail giving a somewhat longer loop trail than just using the Grand Loop Trail itself.

Patriot's Path:

This trail heads southeast to the Falls and the Overlook; east across Fairview Avenue to hook up with the Columbia Trail. There are two miles of hiking and nature trails.

Walking Trails in Township Parks

Patriot's Path


Trails Map