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How do invasive plants spread?

Invasive plants can spread by seed and by vegetative means including rhizomes, runners, shoots, tubers and bulbs. Seeds and plant fragments may be dispersed by wind, water, wildlife and people. Animals can spread invasive plants by consuming the fruits and depositing the seeds elsewhere  and transporting seeds or fruits on their fur and feet. People can spread invasive plants by carrying seeds and other plant parts on their shoes, clothing and equipment, or by using contaminated fill dirt and mulch. A common pathway for dispersal of invasive aquatic plants is through attachment to anchors, propellers, live wells and wheel wells.




How are invasive plants introduced?


What is biodiversity and why is it important to us?



What are native species?


Why are invasive plants a problem in natural areas?


How you can prevent the spread of invasive plants


Herbicide Use


Re-Plant cleared areas 


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