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Walter Cullen  Vice Chairman 12/31/2018
Jennifer Moran   12/31/2018
Robert Mazzei   12/31/2018
John Tyler Oborn Chairman 12/31/2018
Jay Frank  Secretary 12/31/2018
Comm. Short Committee Liason  




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Meetings held the first Thursday of each month, 7 PM,  in the lower level of the Municipal Building

Safe Medicine Drop


Project Medicine Drop is a program designed to allow Township residents to properly and safely dispose of their unwanted or expired household medications.

Residents can bring their unwanted or expired household medications removed from the original packaging and placed in a zip lock or similar type plastic bag to the Washington Township Police Department  24 hours a day. Residents will then place their medication into the Project Medicine Drop box which is located inside Police Headquarters at the police station anonymously and free of charge.  The medications will then safely and properly be destroyed.  

The Washington Township Police Department is located at 1 East Springtown Road.