Veterans Associations

American Veterans Association of Washington Townships

The AVAWT consists of Veterans of Military Service, during war and peace, with a purpose of keeping the service and history of Veterans "alive". The American Veterans Association of Washington Township regularly speaks to local student classes about their first hand experiences in the military from WWII to the present. The group is engaged in charitable contributions for needy residents and students, and are dedicated to uphold and support the quality of life of this wonderful place we call America.

Visit the Veterans Association website at:

For more information, contact Forrest "Woody" Burgener at (908)876-3640 or Tom McBride at [email protected].

Operation Chillout

Each year Operation Chillout makes deliveries to locations where homeless people gather, including: food pantries; soup kitchens; temporary shelters and places where some sleep in the open, in abandoned buildings, parks and alleyways. Visit their web page HERE. St. Luke's Church in Long Valley is very active with Operation Chill Out. Visit their website HERE. 

US Flag Disposal

According to Veterans Organizations, when an American Flag becomes worn, faded, torn or soiled, it should be retired and replaced with a new flag.  It is illeagal to throw away the American Flag and th Flag Codes state tht it should be destroyed with  dignity, preferabley by burning. 

Thre are several ways to respectfully dispose of an American Flag.  The most common method is burning the torn or tattered flag in a special ceremony. This is best done by taking your old flag to an American Legion or VFW post, where Veterans and members may then hold a ceremony as they properly retire and dispose of it. 

To locate an American Legion Post, click HERE

To locate a VFW Post, click HERE.

There are two local bins for flag disposal: