Mayor's Update on Storm Restoration

Storm Update – 8/6/2020 – 8:00 PM

I know that people are frustrated. We have been through more in the last 5 months then could ever be dreamt up in an apocalyptic Stephen King novel. I want to ask everyone to remember though, while the Storm caused extensive damage in this area of state, we are in day 2 of this and the repairs are happening. The Township has been working to clear roads and other public spaces. Our Emergency Services have responded as usual to calls and I have had constant communication with JCP&L. Fuel, food and water are available if needed. 90% of homes in town will be restored by the end of Day 5. If you have someone with medical needs, please call the Police 908-876-3232 ext 0 and provide them with their name and address and we will add them to our wellness checks.

Tonight I spoke again to JCP&L and was updated on the restoration in Washington Township. Now that they have had a chance to assess most of the major damage and get going with the major system repairs, they have provided updated local restoration times for our town.

As of 4 PM tonight we had 4100 outages remaining in town, which Is an improvement from the 5800 originally out on Tuesday when the storm hit. I was told that by tonight, we should have another 1100 homes restored. By the end of Friday (day 3) they expect another 1100 restored, approximately 940 restored by Saturday night (Day 4) and 500 restored by Sunday night. The remaining 400 are expected to be restored by the 11th. If you see a line down, please call 1-888-544-4877 (1-888-LIGHTSS)

We will continue to offer cooling/shelter if requested by calling the WPTD non-emergency line 908-876-3232 ext 0 and I will continue to press JCP&L to provide current updates and we will get through this.

Stay safe everyone

Mayor Matt


JCP&L Provides Update - 8/7
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