Energy Aggregation Program

Letters went out  from JCP&L to residents who did not opt out of the program, confirming enrollment in the program.  A copy of the letter can be viewed HERE.   The wording of the letter may be confusing, but the Hunterdon Area Energy Cooperative secured its competitive rate through IDT Energy.  

 NJ passed the Energy Aggregation Act in 2003, allowing Municipalities to act alone or as a group and  find cost savings from a third party provider.  View the Energy Aggregation Act HERE.  One point to note, is that the Aggregation Act calls for all residents to be in the program and to opt out if they are not interested.

 The Washington Township Committee passed an Ordinance in August 2018 allowing the Township to pursue the Energy Aggregation Process.  The  Ordinance can be viewed HERE.

  After research, the Township Committee passed Resolution R-182-18 in November 2018 specifying that Hunterdon Area Energy Cooperative (HAEC) would serve as the agent to administer this program for the Township.  The Resolution can be viewed HERE.

 HAEC went out to bid and secured a supply rate of $0.086.  HAEC did a mailing to Township residents explaining the program.  Three Town Hall Information Sessions were held in January 2019.  Articles were published in the Observer Tribune and on line with Long Valley Patch.  WRNJ covered the story as well.  The Township posted information on its website and Facebook and Twitter Accounts.  The program and meetings were also advertised on the digital sign at the police station and in Town Hall.

 Opt out information was provided in the original HAEC mailing in January and in the confirmation letter sent by JCP&L this week.  

Additional program information can be found HERE.


Below is the information posted on the Township website beginning on January 7, 2019.  The links contain all the information that was in the mailed information packet:


By joining a coop with other municipalities, residents will receive a savings on the generation portion of their electric bill.

The rate through the coop is $0.0863/kWh.   The generation portion of your electric utility costs is listed as “price to compare” on your JCP&L bill. Delivery of electricity will still be provided  by JCP&L. Residents who wish to have their generation billing remain with JCP&L or another provider, will be able to opt out Opt out can be done by using a postcard available on our website, which will also be mailed. A non-variable rate The ability to leave the program at ANY TIME NO penalties or fees to leave the program

An information packet has been prepared with more details and answers to frequently asked questions. In addition to providing information about this program through a mailing, the website and social media, we will also hold three town hall meetings and different locations, days and times around the Township. A representative from the Township Committee will be at each as will a representative of the coop who will be able to answer any technical questions. You can also call 855-200-2648 with question and/or 877-292-3904 to opt-out. 


If you are currently using another 3rd party provider for the generation portion of you bill, you will not receive the information mailing.  Only those residents that are currently using JCP&L for the generation portion of their bill were mailed the packet. 


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