Answers to 2021 Photo Scavenger Hunt


(1)    color is blue, I sit in front of where I was employed all year through.  I was found on the roads in the rain, sleet, snow, sunny and cloudy days.  What am I and where am I located? (DPW Plow off of 54 Rock Rd.)   


(2)    Red, white, and blue, when the wind blows I will wave to you. Sometimes I fly high and sometimes not so high.  When I am old, torn and cannot be burned, please put me in this.       (Retired American Flag collection box at Schooley’s  Mtn. General Store)


(3)    Volunteers rush to me at the sound of my siren.  I am big enough to hold special vehicles and different events.  I am as solid as stone.  What am I? (Schooley’s Mtn. Firehouse)


(4)  It has a million stories but cannot tell them.  All the world's wisdom can be found inside, a place visited by lots of people for gaining information. This statue can be found here.  (Washington Twp. Public Library)


(5)  I am known to have worn many hats.  If you have been in town for a while, you might recall I was known to keep you safe.   Now, I provide Teens with a safe a fun, safe, drug and violence free environment. New activities and events are always in the works. I welcome youths, non-profit, art groups and for educational or similar activities.  What am I? (W.T. Teen Center)


(6)  My address is where activities, workshops, and other township sponsored events originate. The name of the road is mineral matter of variable composition, composed in masses consolidated or unconsolidated, assembled in masses or considerable quantities in nature, as by the action of heat or water.   What is my address? (Recreation Dept. 50 Rock Road)


(7)  As you sit here you see a type of building but not a shed, many rooms but not a house, several departments but am not a grocery store.  What am I referred to?  (Bench outside Municipal Building)


  (8)  I am of multi-use and run 15 miles through neighboring towns.  Originally I was two backbones and a thousand ribbed corridor.  I’m enjoyed by many now with bucolic setting and spectacular views.  (Columbia Trail)


(9)  With remains at my side I start off from the Mountain keeping my flow in motion.  Just south of a body of water that first’s name rhymes with our previous Mayors’ first name, and the second name rhymes with a famous Spy’s last name.  I am larger than a stream but smaller than an ocean.  Where am I located near?  (Mill Pond Park)


(10)  I can be located along the trail that has been the leader of structural steel    storage racks.  I can be found on the branch where birds fly for winter.  (South Branch by Fraizer Steel)


(11)  Today I am a hidden Gem; beautiful waterfalls, steep climbs, and great hiking.   I am known for old Iron ore workings and famous mineral springs.  Many paths lead to me.  (Cataract Park Mine)

(12)  Walk, jog or run along this path to catch a breath or tie a shoe as you sit on my crimson tone.  (Harrington Park Walking Path)


(13)  An honored fallen Hero of our community is what this road is named after on May 25, 2013. It is the Road to fun, fitness, seniors, sports, and recreation.     (Cpl James Smith Drive at RSP)


(14)  Honored men of Washington Township are mentioned in this special place, and honored twice a year. Where am I?(Veterans' Memorial in Rock Spring Park)


(15)  I have four legs but not a table.  I like to run but not a Cheetah.  I have a bark but I’m not a tree.  I am known as man’s best friend. One of my favorite things is to go here and I’m opened from 8am to dusk.  What am I?  (Dog Park on Fairmount Road)


(16)  From my skin, a paper can be made, but I prefer that you use me for some shade, where a game was played.  What and where am I? (Big tree at RSP on left side of drive by tennis courts)


(17)  I am the starting point of about 2 miles into the center of Califon.  I can be found under this structure running but never walking, having a mouth but never speaking, having a bed but never sleeping.  (South Branch at Vernoy Bridge)


(18)  Choose a seat and sit down quick, on this, we can have a picnic. What we caught we threw away, what we didn’t catch we kept.” What am I and where am I?  (Picnic table at Califon Park pond)


Volunteers Needed for Kohler Pond Cleanup
2021 Movie Night "Playing with Fire" July 23rd

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