Beware the Mosquito


Even though the weather is getting cooler and the time to worry about these pesky little buggers is almost over, the Washington Township Health Department would like to make you aware of the diseases they carry and how you can prevent yourself, your family, your neighbors and your pets from succumbing to uncomfortable and even deadly diseases as a result of these small pests.  

Click   HERE   to read about the different mosquito-born illnesses, their symptoms, prevention and treatment.

HERE  you can find out more about the most recent mosquito-born disease to hit our area, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE)

To find out how to control the mosquito population around your home and neighborhood, click HERE.

And, finally  HERE   is a checklist of  items in your yard that you may not have thought about as possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

If you take a look around, get some thing straightened up and put away now, next spring when the snow thaws, the spring rains come and the weather warms up, your family will thank you.  Don't worry ... we'll remind you again in the spring.

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