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AlertMorris will allow you to get emergency notifications in any manner you choose, including phone, email, text, or social media, so you can stay informed during major storms or other emergencies taking place throughout Morris County. AlertMorris replaces the county’s McUrgent and Everbridge systems. It does not replace Washington Township's Nixle alerts.

AlertMorris also offers a free Smart911 signup option for county residents, providing a greatly enhanced and potentially lifesaving 9-1-1 emergency call service for anyone who registers for it.

All county residents are encouraged to sign up.

Create your profile by visiting the Morris County website: Just click on the green “Reverse 911 Signup” icon for your town to register through your municipal notification system.

Morris County government, through the Board of Freeholders and the Office of Emergency Management and the Morris County Communications 911 Center is financing AlertMorris and its Smart911 component at no cost to Morris County’s municipalities. 

“Under the AlertMorris banner, we are significantly improving our emergency notification capabilities to residents, businesses, and those who do business or travel through Morris County,’’ said Morris County Freeholder Director Doug Cabana. ““It meets our increasing security and notification needs as we close in on the year 2020 and beyond.’’

Users have the ability to enter multiple addresses located in multiple jurisdictions within a single profile. If you care for a loved one who lives in another Morris County town and want to be notified of issues affecting that person’s municipality, your one registration process will satisfy that need.

Although all data from the county’s previous notification system has been exported to AlertMorris, which should provide for a seamless transfer process according to Morris County officials, previous users still are encouraged to re-register to ensure the new system has all of your pertinent information.

The Morris County Office of Emergency Management and 911 Communications Center team, in partnership with Rave Mobile Safety, developed this easy to use system that allows emergency alerts and mass notifications to efficiently reach the public.

Working with Rave Mobile Safety, the county first rolled out Smart911 in late 2017:…/smart911-free-emergency-call-…/.

Smart 911 is FREE, and your information is secure, accessible only to a 9-1-1 call taker. This service can provide key information to responders that can make your family safer. For example:

• Address Details: How to access your home, number of bedrooms, location of utility shut-offs, and if you live in a multi-family building;

• Family Details: Number of residents, ages, photos of children, and your landline and mobile phone numbers;

• Medical Information: Medical conditions of certain residents, medications taken/required, allergies, mobility of residents, and if special equipment is needed in an emergency;

• Animals: A list of your pets, service animals and livestock, and their names so responders are aware of them as they enter your home. Also, include the name of your veterinarian;

• Emergency Contacts: Family members, friends or neighbors to be contacted in case of an emergency;

• Vehicles: Make, model and license plate number in case of a motor vehicle accident.

Residents can offer as much or as little information to first responders through Smart911 as they wish.

For questions about AlertMorris or Smart911 contact the Morris County Office of Emergency Management at 973-829-8600. And, please, sign up now!

While all county residents can register for Smart911, not all municipal dispatch centers are enrolled in the system. Currently, 24 of 39 municipal dispatch centers are connected. Some others have indicated they may join in the future.

That does not mean that persons signing up in non-member towns can’t take advantage of the system. It depends on where the 911 call is received – and that can include cell phone calls made on the road that reach member dispatch services inside or outside of Morris County.


No person shall park a vehicle on any street or road in the Township between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m., from November 1 through April 15. This shall include all roadways in major subdivisions as per local ordinance 203-7No Parking Symbol No Parking Sign1

MFJCThe Morris Family Justice System is available for support to any victims of Domestic Violence.


On June 8, 2017 at 17.50 Hrs, Cpl. David Marut and Patrol Officer Andrew Tesori responded to a private residence on Coleman Road for a report of a Bobcat attacking a dog.  Upon arrival, the homeowner indicated her dog had been attacked and injured by a Bobcat in the rear yard.  The homeowner indicated she transported the dog to her veterinarian for medical assistance prior to police arrival.  A check of the area by both officers for the Bobcat yielded negative results.  
A short later at 18.24 Hrs, both officers received a second call regarding a Bobcat at a private residence on Naughright Road.  Upon arrival Cpl. Marut and PO Tesori were able to locate and isolate the Bobcat in a barn. The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife were notified and responded to the scene.  Upon arrival of the Conservation Officer the Bobcat was captured with the use of a snare.  The Conservation Officer later advised that the Bobcat displayed early signs of possibly having the rabies infection.  The Bobcat was removed by New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife for observation and possible testing.



The Washington Township Police Department now provides a free Medicine Drop Box for public use in the lobby of Police Headquarters, 1 E. Springtown Road.  The Medicine Drop Box is available 24 Hours a day -seven days a week.  The Medicine Box affords residents the opportunity to safely dispose of unwanted, unused or expired prescriptions in a safe, secure and anonymous way, free of charge.


Although the drop box is available 24 Hours a day-seven days a week, the easiest and most convenient times for Township residents to dispose of  medication are Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00AM-6:00PM.


Eliminating unused and unwanted medications from your home helps to keep your family and community safe. By properly disposing of your prescriptions, you are contributing to the safety and well-being of your community’s youth.  The abuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications are on the rise, due in part to these drugs being easily accessible. Environmental safety is also important. By properly disposing of these toxic medicines we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint. You are now able to drop off these items in our lobby where they will be disposed of accordingly   in conjunction with The Morris County Sheriffs Office. Clean out your medicine cabinet today!



  •   Prescription & Over-the-Counter Medications 
  •   Vitamins
  •   Medication Samples 
  •   Veterinary Medications
  •   Narcotics



  •  Needles (Any Type)
  • IV Bags Personal Care Products Liquids
  • Inhalers
  • Thermometers and Other Mercury Items

For additional information contact: Lt. Douglas Compton 


How to Safely Dispose of Syringes


 Other locations in the area can be found by searching at:


Police Department Info

1 East Springtown Road
Long Valley, NJ 07853

Phone: 908-876-3232 press 0 for dispatch
Fax: 908-876-5655
For Emergencies Dial: 9-1-1

Business Hours for the Washington Township Police Department are:
Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

June – August Hours
Monday to Thursday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Jeffrey Almer, Chief
908-876-8301, [email protected]
Firearms Applications: Maureen Guenther
908-876-8315, [email protected]


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Bobcat Caught in House       On June 8, 2017 at 17.50 Hrs, Cpl. David Marut and Patrol Officer Andrew Tes...
The Morris Family Justice System The Morris Family Justice System The Morris Family Justice System is available for support to any victims of Domestic Violence. http...
Year-Round Medicine Drop Box Year-Round Medicine Drop Box   The Washington Township Police Department now provides a free Medicine Drop Box for public u...