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Clean Water Action will once again conduct its political education and fundraising drive in Washington Township.  They will be in the Township  in July, August, and September.  They have notified the Municipal Building and the Police Department that they will be canvassing. 


Clean Water Action informed the Township that they will be canvassing Monday - Friday from 4 PM - 9 PM and on Saturdays from 11 AM - 5 PM. A list of canvassers has been provided to the Police Department and they are required to carry a Clean Water Action identification card.

The group has been provided the Township No Solicitation List.


As a reminder, residents may opt in to the No Solictation List by adding their name to the list here.  Residents are asked to add their name only once to the list.  To see if you have already added your name, view the current list here.   Please note:  Lists are updated during the first week of each month.  If you add your name to the list on July 5, it won't show up until the first week of August. 



Paving of the following Township roads is planned for 2018:

  • Cindy Lane, in its entirety, .31 mile, milling and base repairs scheduled to begin 6/19 for approximately three days. Road will be passable but please proceed with caution. Paving anticipated for 6/22 or 6/25 dependent on weather.COMPLETED
  • East Springtown Road, from Camp Washington Road to Naughright Road, .75 mile, during June. Vehicular access will be limited for one to two days for milling and paving during which time detours will be in place.COMPLETED
  • Old Farmers Road, beginning at East Mill Road.  June 29, July 2 and July 3

Oil and Chip is planned for West Springtown Road (1.52 miles) and West Valley Brook Road (1.59 Miles). Portions of Reservoir, Frog Hollow and Tall Timber will also be oil and chipped.

The County plans to pave East Mill Road from Schooley's Mountain Road to East Valley Brook Road, 2.4 miles, in August or September, exact date TBD. 


September 15, 2018.  9 AM.  Chilton Medical Center, Pompton Plains.  


View the FLYER for more details.  

Dogs are not allowed in  Township Parks per township ordinance. Township Parks include Califon Park, Cobblestone Fields, Palmer Park, Rock Spring Park, and Harrington Park. Violators will be issued a summons.


Contact the Board of Education regarding school field rules.  Contact Morris County about Schooley's Mountain Park rules. 


Memberships for the Dog Park on Fairmount Road are available.

FirstEnergy Transmission Vegetation Management is currently conducting  Annual Vegetation Management Aerial Patrol.  They  are scheduled to complete this patrol in the JCP&L region between July 6 and July 10. 

Patrols  consist of two Transmission Forestry personnel that accompanies the pilot in order to identify any conditions warranting further inspection from the ground or corrective action and/or effectiveness of prior year’s herbicide application. 

Please be advised that the Haverfield Aviation will be the helicopter company assisting in the inspections.  The helicopter color is black with a tail # N5027P. It will be flying at a speed of about 35-40 mph above or alongside the lines, and may circle around for a closer inspection of an area of interest. 

As always, poor weather and emergency patrols/repairs elsewhere may cause re-scheduling and/or delays.