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Housing Rehab IIThe Washington Township Health Department would like to make residents aware of a Housing Rehabilitation Program sponsored by the Morris County Community Development Program.  Funds are available to income eligible homeowners to address major system failures in their primary residence.                        Please click  HERE  for further information.


Washington Township's App is now available for apple devices at where you can get info, make requests & view the codebook.

The Township developed the free mobile app to allow the public to access information like announcements, the events calendar, meeting information, online service requests and the Township codebook while away from their desktops and to easily contact the Township while on the go.  The app also allows people who do not have their own facebook or twitter accounts to follow the Township’s social media.

The app is also available for android users in the google play store.




The Municipal Alliance has announced the following programs:


"Prescription for Change"  The Students Taking on Prevention (STOP) at Centenary University will hold a viewing of a documentary on opioid addiction titled "Prescription for Change".  April 12.  7:30 PM in the Student Activities Center at Centenary University.   A brief discussion will take place afterwards.  

 Paint the Town Yellow presents National Alliance on Mental Illness presentation on Mental Illness.  April 20, 2017.  7 PM.  Madison Area YMCA.  See flyer for more details. 

Fight the Heroin and Opiate Epidemic through Awareness Education.  Presented by the Roxbury Police Department in conjuction with the Morris County Prosecutor's Office. April 26, 7 PM at Roxbury High School.  For more information view the flyer. 

Teenage Alcohol & Drug Concern Presentation at Madison Area YMCA.  May 18.  7:30 PM.  View the flyer for more details. 

Knock out Opioid Abuse.  5 pm.  May 17.  Morris County Public Safety Training Academy.  View the flyer for more details. 



The Washington Township Health Department would like to make residents aware of a new Behavioral Health Seminar Series being presented by St. Clare's Behavioral Health.  The seminars include:  In Our Own Voice: Stories of Recovery; ECT: An Alternative Treatment for Depression; Suicide Prevention: Youth at Risk; and Life After Rehab: Maintaining Sobriety in Your Communtiy, and will be presented throughout spring, summer and early fall of 2017.

For further details, see the attached flyer.

invasive plantThe Washington Township Environmental Commission is very concerned about the unchecked spread of non-native invasive plant species that have come to dominate our local landscape. 

Note: Much of the following has been adapted from a National Park Service pamphlet, Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas, 4th ed. by Jill Swearingen with permission of the author.  You are encouraged to purchase this excellent reference for guidance.

The expanding human population is the leading cause of biological diversity loss and environmental degradation.  In the early days of settlers and explorers non-native species were introduced either purposefully or accidently to new frontiers that were being developed. In today’s world with an ever increasing human population growth local natural resources are becoming limited.  In response to this humans have become reliant on international trade for agricultural goods, commodities and various other products resulting in an alarming increased introduction of plants, insects and pathogens that are harmful to our environment and to human health.      

Reestablishment of native plants can help mend degraded environments by reviving natural habitats   which in turn can restore the natural local ecological conditions and increase the natural biodiversity.

Please consider joining the Environmental Commissions Task Force to assist in identifying and eliminating non-native invasive plants from our land.  Share your contact information here and the Environmental Commission will be in touch. 



What is biodiversity and why is it important to us?

What are native species? 

Why are invasive plants a problem in natural areas?

How are invasive plants introduced? 

How do invasive plants spread? 

How you can prevent the spread of invasive plants 

Herbicide Use

Re-Plant cleared areas