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Dog licensing IIIThe Washington Township Health Department would like to make residents aware that summer is a good time to prepare for the unexpected “emergency”. Whether the emergency is weather related or simply an extended power outage, the Health Department urges you to have plans in place. While making those plans, please keep your household pets in mind. Domestic dogs and cats need to be considered if and when you need to leave your home to seek shelter, heat or air conditioning in another location. We ask that you keep our Emergency Domestic Pet Accommodation list available with your emergency lists and supplies. This list was compiled by the Health Department in cooperation with local veterinary hospitals and kennels to make options available to our residents for their pets in case of emergency.   We also urge you to keep your pets' vaccinations up to date and have those records available so that you could take advantage of these accommodations if the need arises.  Please click HERE to view and download the list.

The Township has developed a mobile app to allow the public to access information like announcements, the events calendar, meeting information, online service requests and the Township codebook while away from their desktops and to easily contact the Township while on the go.  The app also allows people who do not have their own facebook or twitter accounts to follow the Township’s social media.  Visit the Google Play Store for the Android App and the Apple Store for the IPhone App. 

 link to the apple store:

link to google play app:

The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle (EAB), after devasting trees in the Midwest,  is spreading across the country and is expected to spread soon to New Jersey where there are many ash trees, particularly in the northwest of the state.  Millions of trees have been killed already.  In this case, trees will likely die from the top down, causing a safety and environmental issue for residents.   Please take a minute to read the information, determine if you have Ash trees on your property and begin to formulate a plan for dealing with the potential devastation. 

For more information, please see the following:


Do you know what an Ash Tree looks like?  Visit this website.


Interstate transport of firewood and other forest product rules from the USDA

USDA Forest Service Info

USDA APHIS Animal & Plant Inspection Service

USDA Pest Alert - Emerald Ash Borer Flyer

Emerald Ash Bore Pest Notice from NJ State Forestry Service

A League of Municipalities Magazine Article on the Emerald Ash Borer

Map of  NJ Municipalities with confirmed Emerald Ash Borer

NJ EAB Task Force Pest Alert Emerald Ash Borer

How to identify an Ash Tree

Shade Tree Committee Inventory of Ash Trees


Anyone interested in diagnostic assistance can contact theRutgers Plant Diagnosic Lab,where they are able to examine samples for Emerald Ash Borer.  Requestors are asked to contact the Rutgers Plant Diagnostic Lab and will probably be asked to bringeesample of the beetle, larvae, and/or sample of symptomatic tissue.

Aging in Place. Morris Habitat for Humanity is offering Seniors of Morris County, NJ a special home repair program that makes accessibility and energy efficiency improvements to enable senior citizens to move around safely inside their homes and complete the routines of daily living.  By doing this, the program hopes to help Morris County senior citizens continue to live in their own homes longer and maintain their independence.  FLYER


 Home Repair Program.  Morris Habitat expanded its home building program with an array of housing projects, services and community partnerships to meet more families and enhance the quality of life for everyone.  View the FLYER for more information



One in four adults experiences a diagnosable mental illness every year and many of these individuals do not seek help because of fear of shame or judgement from friends, family, and coworkers.  On May 15, 2017 Washington Township made the first steps towards eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness.  The elimination of mental health stigma will allow residents to get the resources they need without judgement.

Washington Township Committee passed a resolution designating the municipality a Stigma-Free Zone in order to create an environment in which residents will feel free to seek treatment for the disease of mental illness without the fear of being stigmatized.  Washington Township joins the County of Morris in declaring a Stigma-Free Zone.

Washington Township hopes to raise awareness of the disease of mental illness, provide an effective way to reduce the stigma associated with the disease and encourage those who are affected to seek services and feel supported.  The establishment of this Stigma-Free Zone will raise awareness of local Washington Township mental health resources so no one resident needs to feel hopeless or alone.  The elimination of stigma will enable residents to ask for help when needed so recovery can begin, hope is inspired, and tragedies are avoided.

Washington Township urges anyone who would like more information on the Stigma-Free Campaign to contact the Washington Township Health Department and to help us to eliminate stigma and promote wellness amongst all Washington Township and Morris County residents.


Visit the Health Page of the Township Website for contact information. 


 Visit the Morris County Website for more information.