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Repair to Black River Bridge, near Pickle Road is scheduled for Spring 2018


Replacement of a small county bridge on busy Schooley’s Mountain Road, over the Musconetcong River, in Washington Township, is planned for late this year or early in 2019.

Replacement of Schooley's Mountain Road Bridge Planned in Washington Twp.

County Bridge No. 1401-219, which is located between Newburgh Road and Hastings Road – near the Warren County border — was built in 1920 and widened in 1937.

The existing structure length is just 15-feet-long by 37-feet wide, so small that many motorists might not realize they are going over a tiny bridge. It carries about 2,500 vehicles daily.

The bridge is a single span, steel-stringer structure, widened with a reinforced concrete slab and has asphalt pavement. The superstructure is exhibiting severe spalling, or cracking and breaking off fragments, due to water seepage.

The proposed bridge replacement will consist of a three-sided box culvert on footings, with concrete walls. It will feature painted four-bar metal bridge railings, with stone-faced pylons and approach guide rails. All exterior surfaces will be covered with stone facing.

Construction on this federally funded project, estimated at $543,000, will occur in late summer 2018 or spring 2019.  A detour will be installed during construction.

If you have questions about the project, please contact Meghan Paccione, Morris County Senior Engineer at [email protected].



A second small Washington Township bridge also is earmarked for repairs that should start this spring. The lightly traveled Black River Bridge, located near Pickle Road, is just 12-feet long and 21-feet wide, and carries an average of 245 vehicles each day.

Side view of Black River Road Bridge

Side view of Black River Road Bridge

Due to deterioration caused by water seepage, some stones are falling from the underside of the arch at the fascia location.

The Morris County Bridge Department has placed water-filled barriers along the fascia to keep traffic off that portion of the bridge on a temporary basis.

Proposed repairs are under design.  Repair work is anticipated to start in the spring.

In addition to the placement of barriers on the narrow bridge, the county installed signs in each direction to alert motorists that they are now facing a single lane.





Washington Township is looking for a local business or resident who is willing to donate a well-maintained 4x4 pickup for use as the municipal emergency management vehicle.  In addition to the charitable tax credit and a formal proclamation by the Mayor announcing your gift, your generosity will be displayed for all to see on each side of the vehicle.  If you can help, please contact Township Administrator Andrew Coppola on [email protected] or (908) 876-3315.


Newsletter IThe Washington Township Health Department wishes all residents a Happy and Healthy 2018.  The Morris County Office of Health Management has issued a new biannual newletter with some interesting and helpful tips to get your year off to a good start

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Radon I  The Washington Township Health Department wants to remind residents that winter is a good time to test your home for Radon.  Most homes are closed and sealed up for the winter with considerably less air flowing in and out of the lowest levels.  Radon kits are currently still available at the Health Department window for $6.00 each.  That number is very limited at this point.  Radon kits will still be available but the cost for the all inclusive kits will be increased in the near future due to a change in supplier.

To help customers with their utility bills during the winter season, JCP&L and the Affordable Housing Alliance are holidng walk-in registration events for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance and Payment Assistancefor Gas and Electric Programs. 


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For more utility assistance programs visit the township website utility resource page.