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The Community Presbyterian Church of Chester will be hosting a multi-week discussion on the topic of Opiate and Opioid Addiction, and its related issues that affect many communities, including our own. 


Three Sunday's in October (1st, 8th and 22nd), 3:30 pm - 5pm at the Community Presbyterian Church of Chester located at 220 Main Street. 


Vie the Flyer for more details

There is a lot of information out you know where to get it?

Click here for the Summer 2017 Newsletter.  This newsletter was sent out in the estimated tax mailing in July.  The mailing goes to every property owner that pays taxes in Washington Township.  It contains contact details and information about the most asked questions we receive here in the Municipal Buidling. If you haven't had a chance to read it, please take a moment to do so.  Share it with your friends if they are not aware of things going on in town.  


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Dog licensing IIIThe Washington Township Health Department would like to make residents aware that summer is a good time to prepare for the unexpected “emergency”. Whether the emergency is weather related or simply an extended power outage, the Health Department urges you to have plans in place. While making those plans, please keep your household pets in mind. Domestic dogs and cats need to be considered if and when you need to leave your home to seek shelter, heat or air conditioning in another location. We ask that you keep our Emergency Domestic Pet Accommodation list available with your emergency lists and supplies. This list was compiled by the Health Department in cooperation with local veterinary hospitals and kennels to make options available to our residents for their pets in case of emergency.   We also urge you to keep your pets' vaccinations up to date and have those records available so that you could take advantage of these accommodations if the need arises.  Please click HERE to view and download the list.

Morris County Park Commission's 2017/2018  Deer Management Program. 

Schooleys Mountain Park is included in this years program. This program and its implementation are consistent with the regulations of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.  

Please note this is not a recreational hunt. The controlled management program is being conducted to help reduce and maintain deer populations at level that allow for the re-establishment of native plant communities within the park system that have been severely damaged by deer overbrowsing. These communities are critical for the sustainability of our preserved areas and for the support of native wildlife species. The Morris County Park Commission has attempted to reduce the public inconvienience of park closings by limiting the number of dates on which the parks will be closed to the minimum number that we feel can ensure a successful program. 

2017/2018 Deer Management Program Hunt Schedule

The Township has developed a mobile app to allow the public to access information like announcements, the events calendar, meeting information, online service requests and the Township codebook while away from their desktops and to easily contact the Township while on the go.  The app also allows people who do not have their own facebook or twitter accounts to follow the Township’s social media.  Visit the Google Play Store for the Android App and the Apple Store for the IPhone App. 

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