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The Municipal Building is open from 8 am - 4 pm daily.

In the Summer (June, Juiy, and August) the Municipal Building is open from 7:30 am - 5 pm Monday - Thursday.  Closed on Friday's

Eight times a year the Municipal Building remains open until 6 pm.  

  • Monday, January 9
  • Monday, February 6
  • Monday, March 6
  • Monday, April 3
  • Monday, May 1
  • Monday, October 2
  • Monday, November 6
  • Monday, December 4

Eight times a year the Municipal Building has a shortened day, closing at 1 pm.

  • Friday, January 13
  • Friday, February 10
  • Friday, March 10
  • Friday, April 7
  • Friday, May 26
  • Friday, October 6
  • Wednesday, November 22
  • Friday, December 22

The Municipal Building is closed for the following 2017 Holidays

  • Monday, January 2
  • Monday, February 20
  • Friday, April 14
  • Monday, May 29
  • Tuesday, July 4
  • Monday, September 4
  • Thursday, November 23
  • Friday, November 24
  • Monday, December 25
  • Tuesday, December 26



Washington Township is accepting proposals for a Historic Preservation Plan: 


A Historic Preservation Plan for the Municipal Building located at 43 Schooley’s Mountain Road, Long Valley, NJ 07853.  This shall include research and preparation of plan.  Report of plan must meet minimum requirements of Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund’s Historic Structure Report & Preservation Plan Checklist.


Click to view the RFP.




DPW SEASONAL HELP – WASHINGTON TWP, MORRIS COUNTY –Part-time, $15 to $25 per hour based on experience and responsibilities. Experience in field maintenance, landscaping, flagging and/or building maintenance a plus. Send resume  to Township Administrator, 43 Schooley’s Mtn. Rd., Long Valley, NJ 07853.Applications will continue to be accepted until the positions are filled. EOE.


Employment Application


PT ASSISTANT FIRE INSPECTOR – WASHINGTON TWP, MORRIS COUNTY –Part-time, up to 10 hours per week, $15 to $20 per hour depending on experience. Responsible for smoke/carbon monoxide detector and extinguisher inspections, duties of Fire Inspector per NJAC 5:71-4. Certification required. Send resume by Wednesday, April 5 to Township Administrator, 43 Schooley’s Mtn. Rd., Long Valley, NJ 07853.The Township of Washington reserves the right to re-advertise if the position is not filled.


Employment Application

invasive plantThe Washington Township Environmental Commission is very concerned about the unchecked spread of non-native invasive plant species that have come to dominate our local landscape. 

Note: Much of the following has been adapted from a National Park Service pamphlet, Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas, 4th ed. by Jill Swearingen with permission of the author.  You are encouraged to purchase this excellent reference for guidance.

The expanding human population is the leading cause of biological diversity loss and environmental degradation.  In the early days of settlers and explorers non-native species were introduced either purposefully or accidently to new frontiers that were being developed. In today’s world with an ever increasing human population growth local natural resources are becoming limited.  In response to this humans have become reliant on international trade for agricultural goods, commodities and various other products resulting in an alarming increased introduction of plants, insects and pathogens that are harmful to our environment and to human health.      

Reestablishment of native plants can help mend degraded environments by reviving natural habitats   which in turn can restore the natural local ecological conditions and increase the natural biodiversity.

Please consider joining the Environmental Commissions Task Force to assist in identifying and eliminating non-native invasive plants from our land.  Share your contact information here and the Environmental Commission will be in touch. 



What is biodiversity and why is it important to us?

What are native species? 

Why are invasive plants a problem in natural areas?

How are invasive plants introduced? 

How do invasive plants spread? 

How you can prevent the spread of invasive plants 

Herbicide Use

Re-Plant cleared areas 


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