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Planning Board 

Meetings - 7:30PM -2nd Monday  of the month

Work Sessions are not scheduled for 2016

 Class IV: Louis Mont 12/31/2016
Chairman Class IV: Eric Trevena 12/31/2017
 Alt. #1: Sam Akin 12/31/2017
Second Vice Chairman Class IV:  Charles Di Salvo 12/31/2018
Class IV Member Mark Bauerlein 12/31/2019
First Vice ChairmanClass IV: Kathleen Mc Groarty 12/31/2018
Class IV Member: William Leavens 12/31/2019
Class II Member: Roger Read 12/31/2016
Class III Member: Matthew Murello, Committee 12/31/2016
Class I Member: Ken Short 12/31/2016
Alternate #2: Howard Popper 12/31/2016
Planner: David Banisch, PP, AICP
Board Attorney: Edward Buzak, Esq.
Engineer: Leon Hall, P.E. (Anderson & Denzler)
Board Secretary: Teri Lyons
Liaison: Matthew Murello



The Washington Township Planning Board meets once a month and has frequent site walks for pending applications. The nine member planning board’s essential duties are to deal with policy and the implementation of that policy through the site plan and subdivision ordinances. These ordinances establish a series of ground rules to be met by applicants. If the applicant meets the ordinance requirements, the planning board must approve the subject application.



The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board which consists of seven regular members and two alternate members and meets once a month.  The Board has the power to grant variances which allow for the "non-permitted" use of a property in accordance with the municipality's zoning laws.


 Board of Adjustment

Meetings - 7:00 PM 1st Wednesday of the month

                                                                                                             Term Expires

Chairman - Member                           Anthony Spina                               12/31/2018

First Vice Chairman-Member             Morris Bauer                                   12/31/2016

Second Vice Chairman-Member        Geoffrey Price                                  12/31/2016

Member                                             Harvey Ort                                      12/31/2018

Member                                             Mark Soga                                      12/31/2018

Member                                             Robert Bridgman                           12/31/2017

Member                                              Derrick Thauer                              12/31/2018             

Alternate #1                                        Eric Raes                                        12/31/2016

Alternate #2                                         Dorothy Walter                              12/31/2017

Engineer                                            Leon Hall, P.E.                                12/31/2016

Planner                                               David Banisch, PP, AICP               12/31/2016

Attorney                                             Gail Fraser, Esq.                             12/31/2016

Board Secretary                                 Teri Lyons                                       12/31/2016






Invasives in Washington Twp.






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Planning Board

43 Schooley's Mountain Road
Long Valley, NJ 07853

Phone: 908-876-3315 X1241

Business Hours for the Washington Township Planning Board are:

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 11:30 am

The Planning Board Offices are located on the lower level of the Washington Township Municipal Building, 43 Schooley's Mountain Rd., Long Valley. 

The Planning Board Office will be closed on Fridays for the remainder of 2017. 


Teri Lyons, Planning Board Secretary, [email protected] 

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