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Sports Group Contact Information

Weather Closings / Field Closings - Weather and Field Closings will be posted on the Township Website (, The Township FaceBook Page (Washington Township Government, Long Valley), and on the Township Twitter Feed (@WashingtonTwp).  Please Follow, Like, and Bookmark the identified source so you can stay informed Field closings decisions will be posted at approximately  2:00 PM.  
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Youth Sports Groups

LVBC - Long Valley Baseball Club  
  Jim Busardo
[email protected]
Long Valley Basketball Association  
  Bobby Grasso
[email protected]
Long Valley Ice Hockey  
  Steve Mosser [email protected]
Long Valley Jr Lacrosse Club  
  Dave Janke
[email protected]
Long Valley Raiders Cheerleading Association  
  Tara Ligos
[email protected]
Long Valley Raiders Football Association  
  Glenn Miller [email protected]

Long Valley Track Club

  Kevin Daly  [email protected]
LVRSA – Long Valley Rec Soccer Association
  Dave Meehan [email protected]
Long Valley United Travel Soccer Club
  Steve Robinson
[email protected]
Long Valley Girls Softball Association  
  Dan Keller
[email protected]
Long Valley Wolverines Wrestling Club
  Michael Campanaro
[email protected]
Long Valley Youth Rugby  
  Kevin Wojcicki
[email protected]



Adult Sports Groups

Washington Township Badminton Club  
  W. Fun Ark [email protected]  
Long Valley Men’s Basketball Association  
  Walt Cullen [email protected]
Long Valley Women’s Basketball Association  
  Debbie Turrisi [email protected]

Long Valley FC Men's (+40)Soccer Team  
  Evan Showell
[email protected]
Long Valley FC Veterans Soccer (+50) Team  
  Dave Jones
[email protected]
Long Valley FC Five-O Soccer (+50) Team  
  Evan Showell
[email protected]
Long Valley United Men's Soccer (+40) Team  
  Chris Jolly [email protected]
Long Valley Women’s Softball League  
  Lauren [email protected]  

Adult Pickup Sport Programs

Adult Pickup Coed Volleyball Must be out of high school and over 18. Open to all levels of play. Monday Nights at 6:30 PM at Rock Spring Park during the Summer, Fall & Winter at Long Valley Middle School.  
  Kathy Kavanaugh [email protected]  

Recreation Announcements

Super Science Summer Camps   SUPER SCIENCE STEM CHALLENGE Come join Super Science and Washington Township Recreation Dep...
Annual Memorial Day Ceremony  Washington Township will host their Annual Memorial Day Ceremony to salute our brave serviceme...
Complete Player Baseball Camp Washington Township Recreation is gearing up this summer for Baseball Camp for Grades 2 to 8(flexibl...
Summer Gentle Mat Yoga Washington Township Recreation Summer Gentle Mat Yoga classes are now forming. This class is opened ...
Recreation Survey Our Recreation Committee exists to serve you.  Your response is very important to us as we try ...

Register for Programs

Program Registration Procedure

You may register in in person, online or by mail.  The Recreation office is open Monday– Friday 8am-4pm (except summer hours). A registration form must be properly filled out, signed and submitted with your payment and also when processing payments online(receipt must be attached).  For more information please click on the link:  Procedure


Universal Registration Form

Want to register for more than one program?  Then use the Universal Registration form by clicking on the link: Universal Registration


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