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Summons Payment

Summonses may be satisfied, if a mandatory court appearance is not required, either through through the mail or online.

Mail Payment of a Summons

Send the amount required to satisfy the summons (see schedule) to the above address. If you want a receipt, include a stamped self addressed envelope with your payment. Please write the summons or complaint number in the memo section of your check or money order.

Mail Payment of a Warrant

If an active arrest warrant has been issued, and would like to satisfy the warrant by mail you must:

  • Provide payment to satisfy the warrant . Please write the warrant number in the memo section of your check or money order. (See Below)
  • Submit a completed, signed Bail Waiver (A Downloadable PDF Form).
  • Mail the payment and the Bail Waiver to the above address. If you would like a receipt include a stamped self-addressed envelope. When payment is received the warrant will be recalled and the summons will be satisfied, if it is for a payable offense. If the warrant is for a non-payable offense, please contact the Court for instructions.

    Summons or Complaint Numbers

    The Traffic Summons Number is located at the top left front of your summons and is preceded either by the letter A or SP with a number (ex: SP1). Summonses issued by the NJ State Police have the SP# prefix.

    Summons Number Examples

    Summonses or Complaints issued by the Morris County Park Police, Fish and Game Officers, State Park Rangers or non-police Township employees for violations of statutes or town ordinances are preceded byMVMPPSCFGDFW or SPS.

    If you have received a criminal complaint, the number is located on the top right and starts with an S or Wfollowed by the year, complaint number and court code (example: W-2003-000999 1438).

    On Line (Electronic) Payment of a Summons 

    You may pay traffic summonses on the web by using your credit card. You can also look up court dates at the NJ Courts website. 

    To satisfy a summons electronically, you will need the summons number (above, the information in all three boxes at the top left front of the summons) and the license plate number of the vehicle from the summons.

    On-line information regarding summonses issued between Tuesday morning and Thursday morning is generally available the following afternoon at 3:00 PM.

    On-line information regarding summonses issued between Friday morning and Monday morning is generally available Monday afternoon at 3:00 PM.



    Municipal Court Info

    43 Schooley's Mountain Road
    Long Valley, NJ 07853

    Phone: 908-876-3852
    Fax: 908-876-0058

    Business Hours for the Municipal Court:

    Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    June – August Hours
    Monday to Thursday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM*

    Court Hours are extended one Monday a month and shortened the following Friday.
    *See the Schedule for more information.