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Criminal Complaints

Criminal complaints are heard either in the Superior Court or the Municipal Court. An offense involving property and/or damage to property is a crime, if the property has a value in excess of $200.00.

Crimes are graded from 1st degree crimes, the highest grading, to 4th degree crimes, depending upon the monetary value of the involved property. First to Fourth degree crimes are heard in the Superior Court located in Morristown.

An offense involving property and/or damage to property is a Disorderly Persons Offense or a Petty Disorderly Persons Offense, if the value of the involved property is $200.00 or less. Disorderly Persons Offenses and Petty Disorderly Persons Offenses are heard in the Washington Township Municipal Court. Disorderly Persons Complaints must be filed within one year of the incident. Petty Disorderly Persons Offenses must be filed within six months of the incident.


Filing a Criminal Complaint

To file a Criminal Complaint, you must have the following:

    A completed Affidavit containing the following information:
    • Offender Information
      • Name
      • Street Address
      • City
      • State
      • Zip Code
    • Incident Location
    • When the offense occurred
    • Where the offense occurred

      Check complaints must have the following additional information.

    • Bank Name
    • Account Holder
    • Account Number
    • Check Number
    • Check Amount

    For a NSF (non sufficient funds) check a certified letter requesting payment for the check and any charges must be sent to the individual who issued the check. There is a 20 day waiting period for filing a complaint until the return of the certified receipt. A complaint may be filed immediately on a check issued on closed account.




Municipal Court Info

43 Schooley's Mountain Road
Long Valley, NJ 07853

Phone: 908-876-3852
Fax: 908-876-0058

Business Hours for the Municipal Court:

Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

June – August Hours
Monday to Thursday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM*

Court Hours are extended one Monday a month and shortened the following Friday.
*See the Schedule for more information.