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Native Gardening & Invasive Plant Guide

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Invasives in Washington Twp.






Additional Resources

National Park Service Plant Invaders brochure 

Invasive Species Library

Invasive Plants Home Page

Invasive Species Strike Team APP 

Safe Medicine Drop

The Washington Township Police Department provides a safe medicine drop box in their lobby at 1 E. Springtown Road.  Keep unused and old drugs out of your homes.  The drop box is available 24/7.  


  Visit the NJ Divison of Consumer Affairs Website to find other drop box locations in the state. 

Municipal Alliance

It is the mission of the Washington Township Municipal Alliance Committee (MAC) to prevent and reduce alcoholism, tobacco, and substance abuse along with violence, vandalism, and victimization, while attempting to remediate the long-term harm and devastation substance abuse causes to our youth and families.

Visit the Morris County Division of Human Services Municipal Alliance website page for more information. 

Upcoming Events/Programs:

October 17, 2017 - "If I Could Have a Do-Over".  John Halligan will discuss the lessons learned too late for his family regarding how to deal with bullying, cyberbullying, and teen depression. 7 PM.  West Morris Central Auditorium

October 12, 2017.  Screenagers - Growing Up In the Digital Age . 7 PM.  West Morris Central HS

 April 26, 2017. Prescription for Change.  7:30 PM.  Centenary University.

 April 12, 2017. Fight the Heroin & Opiate Epidemic Through Awareness Education.  7 PM.  Roxbury High School